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Trevor Hoffman should end his career with something revolutionary

OK. Let's be honest. Trevor Hoffman should finish his career here.

Let's also be honest. Trevor Hoffman should not be closing games for the Padres.

Let's be triple-y honest. Baseball needs some shaking the f_ck up.

Therefore, I say we bring Trevor Hoffman back at the San Diego Discount and do what has been suggested by Gaslamp Ball as a way to Revolutionize Baseball.

Trevor Hoffman should be our Opener.

This way, he can spend a year doing a tour of baseball so that other team's fans can give him his curtain call. Since he's not a starter, there would be no guarantee that he'd show up in a game UNLESS we just had him open up the opening series of every game.

How would it feel to go to Petco Park on a Friday Night and START the game with Hell's Bells? I'll tell you how it would feel, like a cool punch to the jock of awesome.

All he'd have to do is get 3 guys out and then the regular starter could come in during the second. He wouldn't get any saves, but he'd get a ton of GS that he'd never had before. He'd also help demoralize teams. Oh snap. They starting Trevor Hoffman and ending with Heath Bell? That's two bookends surrounding an encyclopedia of pitching pain.

Trevor Hoffman should come back to the Padres and start a revolution. No pun intended.

Go Padres.

Trevor Hoffman may come back to the #Padres. Smart money is on Heath Bell moving to TBS.less than a minute ago via web