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Padres to blame for letting Giants into Post Season

"Burn the douche bag!  Throw him into the fire!"
"Burn the douche bag! Throw him into the fire!"

I didn't end up watching any of the MLB Postseason. People tell me the Giants won the World Series. I find that very hard to believe. I watched every game they played against the Padres. I saw what the Padres did to them game after game. It was brutal, filthy and a little bit sexual. They should not have sold tickets to children under the age of 17. That was not a good team. I can only assume, they must have really been something when playing against other teams, but who knows?

With that said, I blame the Padres for letting this happen. They were not vigilant and didn't protect their NL West lead. They did not play good baseball down the stretch. As a result they let everyone in the world down. I just wonder if they realize what they've done or if they are too busy enjoying their post season vacations. I hope they couldn't sleep last night.

The thing I keep thinking about is Bruce Bochy. Am I supposed to be happy for him and Flannery? He's a nice guy and all and I wish him well, but I never wanted him to win in San Francisco. The reason was simple: From this day forward, he'll no longer be "The Former Padres Manager". I always thought of his time in the Bay Area as a last stop before retirement, not a place where he would gain his greatest achievement. His participation in two San Diego World Series are now overshadowed by his San Francisco World Championship. Forevermore he'll be known as a Giant. It's kind of sad. At least we can still claim Willie McCovey as our own.

It's not all bad news though. If the pictures coming out of San Francisco are any indication the city will probably be burned to the ground again and take most of the world's douche bags with it. All that hair product and denim must be flammable.