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Bud Black is the National League Manager of the Year

You know my favorite part about Bud Black earning the NL Manager of the Year Award? Is it sticks it to sdsuaztec4 in a weird way because of his endless "Fire Bud Black!" comments. I can just imagine him, sitting somewhere in a dusty library, trying to lawyer sh_t, checking his RSS reader and seeing the news and making a mess in his pants.

If there's one thing I know, it's that I didn't think very highly of Bud Black until I met him this season when he turned out to be the Nicest Guy I've Ever Met. From then on, I've been hyper aware of how amazing a person he is.

Some will point to the idea that the players we had are actually better than you might think. I will disagree. I have trouble seeing any of our starters as starters on other teams (save for Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell). Our team looks like the second rung of the depth chart for teams like the Phillies or the Mets.

Bud Black took us beyond that.

Extra winner of the year? jodes. Because she got that postcard from Spring Training in the same season that Bud Black won Manager of the Year and Aztec sports went the f_ck off.