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Cameron Maybin trade is 85% Fresh

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first season in a long time that I only watched Padres games. I saw a few minutes of the Cardinals/Cubs game when I was in St. Louis, but I wasn't really paying attention. Furthermore, I didn't watch Baseball Tonight or the MLB channel. The reason I tell you this is because until yesterday I had no idea that a player existed by the name of Cameron Maybin.

So really I can't tell you if this was a good trade or not. But I can spend some time collecting opinions from around the internet and seeing if they reach a consensus. They did. Their conclusion, the trade is 85% fresh.

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Fresh_mediumCameron Maybin Trade Analysis -- MLB FanHouse
"Maybin doesn't need to become a star to represent an upgrade for the Padres. He is as fast or faster than Tony Gwynn Jr., a defensive stalwart who was San Diego's primary center fielder last year and now can slot as an extra outfielder. Scouts rate Gwynn far better at reading flyballs than Maybin; Maybin's hitting potential is far more exciting."

Fresh_mediumTwitter / @Follow The Padres
Do you think the Padres gave up too much? My take? It's a steal for them

Fresh_mediumSan Diego Padres Acquire Cameron Maybin :: Friar Forecast
"Cameron is far from a sure thing, but the price was so low, it hardly matters."

Fresh_mediumTwitter / @Geoff Young
"Even if Maybin ends up stinking, so what? Webb and Mujica can be replaced and Gwynn *needs* to be replaced. I'm not seeing downside."

Twitter / @websoulsurfer
"Padres trade two good relievers for one former top prospect who can't hit ML pitching." "so far he hasnt shown he does anything other than suck"

Fresh_mediumThe Sacrifice Bunt " There’s your answer, fishbulb
"Overall, this was a good weekend for the Padres. For an affordable price, the Padres were able to acquire an All-Star talent at one of the hardest positions in baseball to fill. Nothing is for certain, but then that’s the Padres for you."

Fresh_mediumPadres Acquire CF Cameron Maybin | November
"The Padres dealt from a strength and didn't have to move any of their big 3 (Bell, Adams, Gregerson)"

Fresh_mediumTwitter / @Woe, Doctor!
"Maybin might be young with the potential to improve...but he could just as easily be AJ-lite. Especially defensively."

Fresh_mediumTwitter / @Jeff Passan
"Love the Maybin move for whichever team gets him. Totally change-of-scenery breakout potential, even in Petco, where his power could play."

Fresh_mediumPadres Trade For CF Cameron Maybin | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
"He will bring plenty of speed to the offense and should be able to patrol the large outfield of Petco Park...Petco is a pitcher’s paradise and the Padres should be able to find cheap arms to fill in for them."

Fresh_mediumThe Friarhood - The Padres Acquire Cameron Maybin from the Marlins
"The Padres acquired the 5-tool outfielder without having to give up their top 3 bullpen arms, "

Rotten_mediumCameron Maybin Traded to Padres - FishStripes
"Killa Cam" was never quite as "Killa" as the hype surrounding him when he was traded to the Marlins in 2007. Perhaps he'll blossom and show some more consistency out West. Meanwhile, the Marlins got a couple of decent relievers to add to their desperately ailing bullpen.

Fresh_mediumMLB Trade Rumors: Marlins Deal Cameron Maybin To San Diego - FakeTeams
"I think the fact that he will be playing everyday for Bud Black in San Diego, we could see Maybin steal 20+ bases in 2011 with 12-15 HRs. Actually, Maybin could approach 30 SBs should he improve his contact rate and reduce his K%, as he struck out in 31% of his at bats in 2010."