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Around the Mission: 11/10 Padres Links

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Adrian Gonzalez wearing his sling. Photo by <a href="">John Weisbarth</a>
Adrian Gonzalez wearing his sling. Photo by John Weisbarth


  • What's a Picture Worth?: Show and Tell Winner
    "He's a 2-time Gold Glove winner and a 3-time All-Star, and yet when he arrived for the event (on time no less) the only person with him was his wife. No entourage, no hanger-oners, no thugs, no nothing...just Betsy."

  • Why Jon Garland should have remained a Padre :: Friar Forecast
    "Still, considering his past durability and performance, I think his choice to decline the option will hurt him monetarily."

  • Arizona Diamondbacks mulling over adding closer Trevor Hoffman
    "He's been one of the most consistent closers that there's ever been in this game," Towers said. "I think you'd be nuts if you didn't at least consider somebody like Trevor Hoffman."

  • The Friarhood - Friarhood Radio - Time to Reflect on 2010
    Which players met expectations, which failed and how 2011 is going to shape up.

  • Webb's future bright after change in delivery | News
    "For a guy throwing 95 mph, he gave up a lot of hits, which led me to believe he wasn't making pitches or guys were seeing him too good," Balsley said. "He was giving up too many hits compared to his talent level and stuff."