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Will Sandy Alderson take his army of GMs to New York?

Word on the street is that Sandy Alderson is trying to get Paul DePodesta over to the Mets. To this, I say MEH!

Don't get me wrong. I love me some Paul DePodesta, but I'm not sure that it wouldn't be better for us to just go ahead and have the new regime use their guys. Also, I'm not really sure that DePodesta is even wanting to leave San Diego at this point. So I'm not so worried that he might leave because if he stays, we're OK and if he goes, we'll be sad, but OK.

In any case, does he really need to go?

If I'm DePodesta, and I'm not, I am exactly one Moneyball movie away from landing just about any number of gigs in baseball that I want. I don't need the Mets Assistant GM job (assuming that's what it would be). I've been the GM of the LOS ANGELES DODGERS. Why do I need to prove that I'm smart when it comes to baseball? THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE ABOUT HOW SMART I AM WHEN IT COMES TO BASEBALL.

Grady Fuson on the other hand. He may be good as gone. The Padres have been building up their own scouting and player development brain trust (including hiring Pat Murphy, which I thought was an especially smart move from the perspective of high school guys choosing between college or minor leagues) and if anybody might be feeling the pinch, my guess is it's Fuson.

At this point though, it's all speculation and rumoring. What do you think? Comment in the comments section!