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Around the Mission: 10/6 Padres Links

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  • Revisiting IVIE 2010 – Ducksnorts
    In the interest of accountability (and fun), I thought we’d look back at our guesses and see how we did.

  • What's a Picture Worth?: Enter Sandman
    This year we upped the ante with a second show and moved the times around a bit. Now instead of one show at 10, we have an early show at 6:30 and a late show at 11 pm.

  • Ouch
    It still hurts. I'm not ready to do "2011 previews" or "2010 recaps" or "2010 players of the year". I'm still being talked off the ledge.

  • Friarhood Radio 10/3/10
     Steve talks about what happened in game 162, shares comments from Padres fans and gets prepared to move on.