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Around the Mission: 10/5 Padres Links

  • Hoyer, Padres set sights on 2011 roster | News
    Padres general manager Jed Hoyer met with reporters on Monday,and touched on a number of topics pertaining to 2010 and the future, as he and the front office prepare to make decisions that will shape the 2011 team.

  • Padres face questions -
    Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell are both headed for free agency after the 2011 season, but that doesn’t mean Hoyer is in a panic to trade them.

  • PADRES: Hoyer does not plan to stand pat
    "I think we need to make changes," Hoyer said Monday. "You can make a big mistake by thinking you had a magic team or caught lightning in a bottle and that same team will do the same thing. That's not reality.
  • XX Sports Radio: Bud Black Part 1 and Part 2
    Bud Black joins BR, Jack Cronin, Vincie Glenn and Chris Chandler to discuss the Padres season and an outlook for 2011.
  • Reflecting On Baseball’s 15 Biggest Breakout Stars In 2010 -
    "The Padres didn't qualify for the playoffs, but they nevertheless sent a strong message. They finished 2009 with a 37-25 record over their last 62 games. They finished 2010 90-72. While many will again expect them to be mediocre going forward, the talent is in place for another strong campaign."

  • Ludwick wants to stay a Padre -
    "I'd like to come back to show the Padres and the San Diego fans what I can do," said Ludwick. "I was disappointed. The calf muscle injury (suffered when he was a Cardinal) killed me. I just got back from that when I was traded. I never got back on firm ground."


  • Padres: A look back at 2010 -
    A look back

  • Padres: Position-by-position outlook -
    The Padres control Adrian Gonzalez through the end of 2011 when he becomes a free agent. His trade value is already dropping. Trade him now for prospects, let him walk after 2011 or find a way to open the vault for a long-term contract.

  • Despite Fade, Padres Worth Celebrating -- MLB FanHouse
    "Good stuff, gentlemen, but don't forget about what might have been. Somewhere, you must find something to steel yourself for the next playoff race, assuming you can get back into one."

  • Chainsaw: Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, it was a wonderful play
    Bud Black should be named NL Manager of the Year. If he isn’t, there should be an investigation.

  • A San Diego Padres Blog: The Sacrifice Bunt " Blog Archive " On Black and managing Game 162
    "His sloppy route on Huff’s double yesterday was an appropriate end to a season in which Denorfia cost the team four and a half runs in only a quarter of the season’s worth of time in center."

  • Perpetual Padres Saga: September/October Evaluation (Plus a Rant)
    "I really believe that the force is still strong with the Padres."

  • Websoulsurfer: Looking Ahead - Your 2011 Padres - A San Diego Padres Blog
    "The Padres 2011 team with a payroll very similar to 2010. Hoyer and Moorad have already said the Padres will increase payroll for 2011. Of course they also said the Padres would spend more money in 2010 and they didn't so take that for what its worth."

  • XX Sports Radio: Ted Leitner Interview (MP3)
    Ted Leitner comes on with BR, Jack Cronin, Vincie Glenn and Chris Chandler to discuss the Padres season.
  • XX Sports Radio: Heath Bell (MP3)
    Heath Bell joins BR, Jack Cronin, Vincie Glenn and Chris Chandler to discuss the Padres final game versus the Giants and the overall season.
  • XX Sports Radio: Mark Grant (MP3)
    TV analysts for the Padres Mark Grant joins Hacksaw and discuss the season that was for the Friars.
  • XX Sports Radio: Bruce Bochy (MP3)
    Giants skipper Bruce Bochy on the turning point of the season, how big Aubrey Huff & Pat Burrell have been & why they're leaning towards a 4-man rotation.