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Pre-Season Padres Predictions prove that we aren't psychic

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Back on March 31, 2010 before the season started we looked into the distant future trying to use our psychic abilities to predict the end result of the Padres season. As we do each year we'll look back at these predictions to see if we have a witch among us, then we'll burn said witch.

I remember that most experts and their simulations seemed to agree that the Padres win total would be approximately 71 and unanimously said that they'd finish in last place... in all of baseball. I seem to even remember a blogger skipping the Padres when doing his NL West preview because they weren't even worth talking about.

Padres fans though were more optimistic. As a whole, 38% of Gaslamp Ballers believed that the Padres would finish with between 81-85 wins. 19% correctly guessed the win total would be between 85-90.

Only two Gaslamp Ballers, Mad_Villan and BeantownComPadre predicted the Padres record correctly. BeantownComPadre probably was the closest with his other predictions, so he is clearly a witch. That's quite a feat considering there were a few too many people who weren't able to predict that there would be 162 games in the season.

Dex and I considered starting a psychic website years before we started a Padres blog, but neither of us displayed much psychic ability this year. We both picked the Padres to finish 2nd in the NL West. I was correct that the Giants would win. Neither of us were very close with our win totals. I chose 85 wins and Dex chose 83. Dex had a more bold prediction up his sleeve when he predicted this to be the "Best Season Eva!" on live TV while Jonny Dub "begged to differ".

In any case, take the time to review your predictions from earlier in the season and try to fine tune your psychic skills and tune out those voices in your head that helped you with this year's predictions.

NL West Standings

San Francisco 92 70 .567 0 Won 1
San Diego 90 72 .555 2 Lost 1
Colorado 83 79 .512 9 Lost 8
Los Angeles 80 82 .493 12 Won 2
Arizona 65 97 .401 27 Lost 2

(updated 10.4.2010 at 9:09 AM PDT)