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Padres take second in the West

I'm watching the Giants celebrate right now as penance for not believing enough... or something.

After Spring Training, I really, for whatever reason, felt like the Padres were going to be a lot more competitive than people were giving them credit for. They just seemed really good and the capper to me was watching Will Venable hit a home run that bounced off of the top of the batters' eye against the Dodgers. Only fitting that Will should make the last out.

I guess the team just isn't quite ready yet, which is fine with me. San Diego wasn't quite ready yet either.

My favorite is the foulweather fan who's going to tell you tomorrow, "I knew they wouldn't be able to keep it up all season."

You have my permission to punch that f_cking douchebag in the face.

One thing I want all of you to remember. EVERY GAME COUNTS.

When you show up next season, if you're one of these morons who thinks that April and May don't count, I point you to this season. When I tell you it's a f_cking MUST WIN GAME in June. Then you better believe that we NEED that win. I wouldn't lie to you.

I won't be able to do it, what with my kids and all, but I really hope that there's a good group to greet the Padres home tonight. The Padres deserve it. I can't wait for next season.

2010: Prelude to the Best Season Ever.

P.S. I know Gaslamp Baller is not able to control him/herself, but don't feed the trolls. It's the easiest way.