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Somebody buy us this Padres 1984 NL Champion Ring


It's times like these when I wish we had a large blog budget. Dex and I would totally buy this ring and trade off wearing it to all Padres events. Maybe at these events we could charge a dollar to allow fans to kneel before us and kiss the ring in an attempt to pay it off.

Also, I think I prefer that it's a salesman's sample instead of a ring that actually belonged to a player. It's less depressing when you don't have to think of the player who was so desperate and down on their luck that they needed to sell it.

Price: $2,995.00

This handsome 1984 San Diego Padres "National League" Champions Non-Gold Ring is a *RARE* Salesman's Sample! Ring weighs 30-grams, is approximately a size 11.75, and was made by Balfour. (Since this ring is non-gold, it cannot be resized)