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What a terrible f_cking sports weekend

For me, personally.

I guess if both of your fantasy teams won their games, or maybe if you're a Raider fan, and you're also a SF Giants fan, and if you're not an Aztec fan... Oh and if you're not related to Brooks Conrad, then there was maybe a shot at a good weekend, sports-wise.

Also, if you had Tony Gwynn in your cancer pool, then yeah... I guess you made out.

For me though: Shit Sports Weekend. Like the worst ever.

Any which way you sliced it, the weekend could not be any worse. My sucky fantasy football team lost as per usual, but this team, while leaving 40 points on the bench. My undefeated fantasy football team laid an egg and is about to take a loss to the only 0-4 team in the league.

I was really hoping for Brooks to redeem himself after struggling to finish out the season, but he made a BRUTAL error to cost the Braves the game. Part of me feels like maybe that was weird karma for Braves Fan who blamed him for any of the losses to close out the season, when really, it wasn't all his fault. Yesterday, the Baseball Gods told Braves Fan, "Oh you want to see Brooks really cost your team a win? Fine then."

And then what makes it worse is giving the game to the Giants, who I hate. I'm not even sure what's likable about that team (except for Tim Lincecum, if you're a half-filipino stoner). And there's been nothing likable about them in decades. Like, what was the last likable thing (besides Tim Lincecum) about the Giants? Will Clark? What have Giants Fans had since then? Barry Bonds? Pablo Sandoval? That mongoloid, Matt Cain?

And then for the Chargers to just completely demonstrate that they are absolutely inept on special teams and at carrying the football... Like the worst ever. It's hard to imagine how an otherwise Super Bowl caliber team can be considered absolutely not even a playoff caliber team, or even a +.500 team on the basis of their special teams (oh I guess and the fact that they can't PROTECT THE F_CKING BALL). And they blew the only sure thing in football: Chargers over Raiders.

Oh and the Aztecs lost to BYU in the same weekend that Tony Gwynn revealed he has cancer.

Thank God it's Monday.