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Letter to Padres fans from Jeff Moorad

For the better part of yesterday I thought that Padres owner Jeff Moorad had slipped a private message into my newspaper.  As it turns out the Padres purchased a full page in the Union Tribune's sports page to thank San Diego

Any typos are probably mine since I had to transcribe the note.


All season, you have let us into your hearts, and now I want to let you into a sacred place at the Padres where the heartbeat of our team lives: the Clubhouse.

After the final out of the season, the unquestioned leader of our team, Bud Black, shared with our players that this season had been the most enjoyable baseball season he's ever been a part of in his 35 years of baseball. He cited this team's ability to prove all the experts wrong, their never quit attitude, and their day-in and day-out grit and determination.

He was speaking for all of us.

At that moment, I couldn't help but think about all the accomplishments and memories we've shared together over the last seven months.

Our players accomplished something in 2010 that only the '84, '96 and '98 Padres did, by winning 90 games.  And they did so by prioritizing the name on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back.  They played with incredible heart.  They manufactured runs. They played solid defense.  They led all of MLB in relief pitching and had a franchise-tying record 20 shutouts.

Off the field, you, the fans, helped inspire this team game after game and helped fuel the fourth largest attendance growth in all of baseball. You brought signs. You cheered loudly.  You were loyal throughout, encouraging our players, and supporting the team.  You BELIEVED. For that, the entire organization says THANK YOU!

As I walked out of that visiting clubhouse on October 3rd, my heart couldn't help but feel that, as great as this year has been, we BELIEVE the best is still yet to come.

I invite you to share your memories of this season like Buddy did in the clubhouse, by submitting your comments and/or photos to our "virtual" clubhouse at


Warmest Regards

Jeff Moorad and the entire
San Diego Padres organization

If only I had paid closer attention and realized earlier that the letter was addressed to all San Diegans,  I probably wouldn't have sent those Brett Favre-esque photos. I just thought that every baseball clubhouse, especially if it is a "virtual" clubhouse, needed men in a state of undress.