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Should Khalil Greene and the Padres reunite?

Last week on XX 1090 Coach John Kentera interviewed Jed Hoyer and asked him if the Padres considered picking up Khalil Greene as a utility player who could sub at short and play third base.

"We do need to bring someone in that can play shortstop...Khalil [Greene] is a name that will probably be on the list".

According to our Gaslamp Ball poll 64% of you wanted to see Khalil return to the Padres.

My initial reaction to Khalil's return would be similar to Michael's, when Toby returned from Costa Rica:

Buster Olney had this to say a few days ago:

Greene is working out this winter at Vanderbilt University with his former college coach Tim Corbin. "I hope someone gives him a shot," said Corbin. "... He is working very diligently on his defense and his offense in our cages, three to four hours a day." He may be working hard, but it'd be shocking if the 30-year-old scored anything more than a minor league contract.

After a little bit of reflection and having Dex belittle me, I think I would be okay if Khalil was given a chance at the Minor League level with the Padres.  I just think for now, he's too big of risk.  The Padres need a competent and consistent utility man and with Khalil's recent troubles in the past couple of years, he would need to prove himself again in the Minors before I would want to see him playing at Petco Park again.

One major factor as to why I would not want him back on the Major League roster is because I don't trust Bud Black not to play him.  He'd probably start getting three starts a week a few weeks into the season.  It's too big of a temptation for Black.  He's a huge Khalil fan and if Everth Cabrera slumped for a few days he might replace him entirely.

Though a large majority of San Diego fans would welcome him back with open arms, I'm not so sure this would be the best place for him.  Khalil left San Diego frustrated.  Even with Alderson gone and the grievance resolved, I've heard that the storage locker is still there... waiting.  Plus, there would be lofty expectations in this city for him.  He would probably benefit from a fresh start in another club's Minor League system.

Corey Brock thinks the chances of the Padres signing Greene are "very slim" and "not going to happen".

[Note by jbox, 01/10/10 11:51 AM PST ]

Khalil signed with the Rangers