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Trevor Hoffman signed with the Brewers one year ago today

It was one year ago today that Trevor Hoffman signed with the Milwuakee Brewers.  

Remember last off season when every day we had Hoffman and Sandy Alderson taking shots at each other in the paper and on the radio.  Man that was fun.  Sure it sucked that Padres fans lost Hoffy and the Padres destroyed their relationship with him, but it made for an interesting off season.  Combine that with all the Jake Peavy rumors and John Moores selling the Padres and things were really passionate.

After Hoffman actually signed though it kinda bummed me out and Trevor too.  The good news is that Hoffman had a good year in Milwaukee and Heath Bell was able to step up into the closer role with much success.  

I really do miss the whole Hell's Bells experience though, because it's just not the same with Heath Bell.  His entrance music sucks and let's face it, he's no Trevor Hoffman.