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Mat Latos goes to the Barbershop

I've been watching a lot of The Jersey Shore recently.  I've learned that before you hit the clubs and "battle the beat" you got to get fresh.  That means hitting the gym, tanning, fresh clothes and daily haircuts.

Mat Latos would probably tell you... or he'd smile and lick his lips while somebody else told you that the haircut is the most important part.  Whenever Latos goes to Florida he trusts the professionals at EAC Barbershop where they specialize in fades, blowouts, bigens, scissor cuts, mohawks, frohawks, shape ups and Caesars.

This video was just posted today, but it may have been taken on November 29th according Twitter: 

San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos and St Louis Cardinals prospect Joseph Hage stop by EAC Barbershop to get cuts today.

.If I didn't know any better I would guess that Latos splurged on the Executive.