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Everth Cabrera is Nicaragua's 2009 Athlete of the Year

Shortly before reading this article, I had decided that Everth Cabrera was my favorite Padre last season, but then I realized that, not only was the dude also Nicaragua's favorite Padres baseball player, he was also Nicaragua's favorite athlete, which blew my mind. That's like an entire country proclaiming their love for Everth Cabrera. I am just one man.

Then, I realized that if I'm into what Nicaragua's into, then maybe that means I'm really into communism, violence and drugs. After all, the friend of my friend probably has other friends that I'm into.

Never fear though, because Wikipedia explained to me that the Sandinistas are no longer in power, which I was not aware of, and now Nicaragua's more down with stuff like sweet rum and world music, which may not be as hardcore as being down with contras and cocaine, but is also less likely to turn me into an a-hole.