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GM Hoyer says Khalil Greene will be looked at as a backup shortstop for Padres

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with John Kentera

  • Hoyer went to visit his parents in North Carolina over the holidays
  • He has moved out of his hotel and moved into a rental property
  • Hoyer thinks Assistant GM Jason McLeod was "the best scouting director in baseball" while with Boston. McLeod will oversee scouting and player development.
  • Hoyer's first goal was to improve scouting and the amateur draft.
  • The Padres are planning on hiring a Minor League Coordinator as well. They've done a ton of hiring in scouting. They'll hire some more people to do player development.
  • Chris Gwynn is a good evaluator. He will evaluate amateur players, trade targets and the Padres farm system. McLeod tried to hire Gwynn a few times in Boston.
  • The Padres have money to spend on free agents but they won't be in the market for any major free agents. There are still a ton of free agents out there.
  • Hoyer thinks it is important to build on the progress from last year. Let young players continue to play everyday.
  • The depth of the organization was lacking last season. "When the starters weren't playing the team really struggled."
  • Adrian Gonzalez fits the with the team and the payroll structure. The Padres aren't looking to move him.
  • His first meeting with Gonzalez was only to introduce themselves. They'll have some more but they will be kept out of the public eye.
  • Hoyer has seen Chris Young play catch. He feels he's on target and optimistic.
  • He wants to bring some veteran presence for the starting rotation and the catching staff.
  • "We do need to bring someone in that can play shortstop". Hoyer thinks the team needs a utility guy that can rest Everth Cabrera. "Khalil [Greene] is a name that will probably be on the list".
  • The Front Office will be very busy in January and February.
  • Hoyer learned a lot from Theo Epstein. He wants to make sure that every decision is well thought out. The most important thing is to ask the right questions and get the right answers. That's what Boston does extremely well.
  • Hoyer is getting married over the summer. His fiance is now in town, so hands off ladies!