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Tony Gwynn's daughter Anisha's baseball themed wedding will be on TV

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Tony Gwynn's Daughter Anisha wedding will be on WeTV via <a href=""></a>
Tony Gwynn's Daughter Anisha wedding will be on WeTV via

Anisha Gwynn Jones' Wedding

So there's this show Platinum Weddings on WeTV and you have to spend $400K to be eligible to star on it.  The show features really over the top expensive weddings.

Tony Gwynn's daughter's wedding will be featured on the show on January 31st, their one year anniversary. Anisha married a Baltimore Orioles Outfielder by the name of Kennard Jones last year on Gwynn's property in Poway.

Since Anisha comes from a baseball family and is marrying a baseball player the wedding is baseball themed. 

  • "In a nod to the baseball diamond, she exclusively wears diamond jewelry $1.35 million dollars worth!"
  • "Throughout the ceremony and reception will be dozens of dramatic, large, pav yellow rose balls, evoking the image of baseballs."
  • "The cocktail hour ball game food is given a touch of glam like Kobe beef sliders and petite French fries made with truffle oil."
  • "The groom's cake fits the theme to a T, looking so much like an actual baseball glove that it's almost a shame to eat it."

I believe Wedding ettiquette says that you have up to one year to get the Bride and Groom a present.  If you'd like to pick the couple up something special there is still time.  I was just looking over their wedding registry and don't worry there is still a $1000 mirror available.

Here's a video preview of the season. Skip to 1:20 mark to see Anisha's wedding preview.  Apparently there will be scenes shot at Petco's Park at the Park as well.




Best Padres Give Away Ever!

This wedding talk reminds me of the best Padres give away ever.  Back in early 1999, the Padres gave away 1998 NL Championship Rings to all the fans.  I've saved the ring all these years because I know that one day I'll propose to an unlucky lady with this Championship Ring.  It will be a test.  If she loves it as much as I do then we live happily ever after.  If she hates it, then I get to keep the ring.  It's a win-win.

Here's a picture of it.  I just pulled it out last night to polish it. TWSS.



The Yoda Test

Okay now I'm really getting off on a tangent, but this reminds me of another proposal test that my friends created.  They were in a coffee shop in LA and there was all these strange paintings/posters on the walls.  There was one poster of Yoda with the quote "There is no try, there is only do" behind him. 

My friends thought they could find a use for such a poster.  You could hang the poster in your apartment and then when you bring a chick back, you would be able to determine if she was a suitable wife.

If the chick (1) doesn't leave right away on account of you being a 30 something guy with a Yoda painting hanging on your wall and (2) actually says "That quote is wrong", you have found your soul mate.  The painting would then rotate to reveal an engagement ring, while playing the coronation (or is it the medal ceremony march) theme from Star Wars Episode IV.

You could also throw in a "you have chosen.... wisely" and if she complains about mixing trilogies, you should immediately have kids with this woman.