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GM Hoyer on Adrian Gonzalez: "He's certainly not a player we're looking to move"

I was just reading this article with Padres GM Jed Hoyer talking about Adrian Gonzalez.

"There’s certainly been a lot of interest,’’ Hoyer said. "A number of teams have inquired about him. I think we’re obviously willing to listen on anything, but he’s a great player, he fits our team, he fits our payroll structure very well.

"So he’s certainly not a player we’re looking to move. I think that’s been the way we’ve addressed it all winter. Teams have inquired, but we’ve certainly said the same thing over and over: He’s not a player we’re looking to move.’’

There's really not too much to learn from this article since this is the same thing we've been hearing from the Padres for awhile. 

What I did learn was that if you say "certainly" a lot then it makes you sound really certain of yourself.  That's a good trait for a GM, hell... for anybody. Hoyer says 426 words in his quotes and 7 of them are "certainly".  That's 1.6%.  That's certainly certain.