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Padres GM Hoyer looking to sign some Minor League free agents

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Coach John Kentera

  • Hoyer says Garland is a young veteran.  They needed someone that could throw 200+ innings. "We really added something to the rotation that we lacked."
  • All winter they thought Jerry Hairston Jr. was the best utility player that could play short stop. It's great when you get a guy at this age that views himself as a super utility guy.  The bench wasn't very strong last year.
  • Aaron Cunningham has performed at every level.  "He's a big league ready guy".  He's probably best suited as a corner outfielder.
  • Padres thought it was important to get Chase Headley back to his natural position and getting Kyle Blanks every day at bats. 
  • Blanks has lost 25 pounds and looks fantastic.
  • Sean Gallagher is a good young pitcher.  Inevitably a team is going to use 8 or 9 starters, so there are going to be plenty of innings for the young pitchers.
  • Padres are looking for a veteran catcher but Hoyer feels good about Dusty Ryan, he's performed in AAA.  Chris Stewart is one of the best defensive catchers in the minor leagues.
  • "We'll probably sign some minor league free agents to fill out the roster."  The roster will probably be the same as it is today as it is when pitchers and catchers report.
  • Matt Stairs can be dangerous left handed bat off the bench.  "Stairs is one of the best at that."
  • In the AL you can go a week without pinch hitting.