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Padres President Garfinkel is trying to get Ron Burgundy to throw out the first pitch of the season

Tom Garfinkel
Tom Garfinkel

XX Sports Radio: Tom Garfinkel Interview (MP3) with Scott and BR

  • Garfinkel has lost some weight, he sure looks great. He's eating less.
  • Signing Garland was a great move. They made offers to other players that wanted more money. Garland knows how to win.
  • Garfinkel sat next Chris Young at dinner. Young says this is the best team he's ever played on.
  • The division is up in the air this year. It's going to come down to who can stay healthy.
  • Garfinkel would be proud if his 3 boys grow up to be like the young players on the Padres team. "They are the type of guys you want to have over to your house."
  • Eckstein is a gamer and knows how to win. Cabrera has a great work ethic. He made the media wait after he hit a grand slam so that he could work out after the game.
  • Garfinkel sat with Ricky Henderson at a game and Henderson called every pitch.
  • Clayton Richard is the only guy on the team that uses the heaviest bar bells in the gym. He was also a back up quarterback at Michigan.
  • The Padres have focused their marketing on low cost high impact things. The fans wanted bobble heads. Season ticket holders got a separate entrance for BP. Parking and beer pricing has dropped. He doesn't have the beer prices yet. Mom's want more healthy food for kids. They have a PB&J, Milk and fruit for kids.
  • A caller thinks Enberg is too old. Garfinkel says this is the first complaint he's heard about Enberg. "We're thrilled to have him."
  • Garfinkel says Mark Grant wants Blazing Saddles references to Headley on the scoreboard. Garfinkel says they can make it happen.
  • The Padres are proud to sponsor the military appreciation pavilion at the 14th hole at the golf tournament.
  • Moving the game times allows families to attend, young singles to go out after game (the park at the park will remain open and have more tailgating. It's easier to ditch out of work a little later.
  • They'll be announcing the winning throwback uniform at FanFest.
  • There's a possibility that Jed Hoyer will make another move or two before the season starts.
  • Garfinkel tells the story of Adrian Gonzalez meeting a child and the child's reaction. "You would have thought Jesus Christ himself had just stepped behind him and put his hand on his shoulder."
  • They've heard complaints from fans about the loud PA system. They've been testing it this off season.
  • Moorad and Garfinkel are both big Chargers fans and they support a new stadium.
  • Garfinkel is trying to get Ron Burgundy to throw out the first pitch of the season.
  • Garfinkel invites old man and his wife to opening day.
  • 5000 people have RSVP'd for tonight's event.