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Petco Park was the biggest factor for Jon Garland signing with the Padres

XX Sports Radio: Jon Garland Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Garland has been talking to the Padres since the early off-season but things didn't get serious until this past week.
  • The biggest factor for him signing was Petco Park.  It's the last true pitcher's park.  Darren Balsley was a factor too.  He thinks if the Padres win a few games they can get on a roll.
  • "Defensively this team is outstanding."
  • The biggest difference between the AL and NL is that AL managers sit back and wait for the 2 run homer to carry them.  The NL game is more methodical.
  • Garland likes being labeled a "workhorse".  He takes pride the number of innings he gives a team.  He's a "throwback" type of guy.
  • Garland thinks he would excel in a 4 man rotation.
  • Garland thinks there will be some big differences between Ozzie Guillen and Buddy Black.
  • It was tough not be part of the Dodgers post season plans last season.
  • "If you hold on to that bitterness, all you're doing is creating bad energy"
  • The only person Garland knows on the team is David Eckstein
  • Garland could be a trade piece later in the season.  If he's having a good year and the Padres are having a bad year, he might be able to get prospects for them.