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Around the Mission: 1/26 Padres Links

Man, I'm sleepy.  It must be the result of listening to that endless Bud Black interview last night.  You know what I've noticed about Black?  You ask him a question about the outfield and he'll name drop every single outfielder in the Padres system, until you forget your original question.


  • Loretta retires, joins Padres' front office | News
    Mark Loretta retired after a 15-year playing career to join the Padres' front office as a special assistant to the baseball operations staff.

  • Retired Loretta rejoins Padres, in front office -
    "We are incredibly excited to add Mark to our staff," Hoyer said yesterday. "Mark had a long and successful playing career and earned the respect of every team he joined along the way. I was with Mark for one season in Boston and it was clear to me that he could have a great impact on an organization in a front-office role once he finished his playing career.

  • Once Upon My Mind: Jeff Weaver, Johan Santana, Corey Patterson, Milton Bradley, Jayson Werth – Ducksnorts
    Ducksnorts reminisces.

  • - Friarhood Radio Show 1.23.2010
    The fellas at friarhood finally posted their podcast. I've only listened to half of it so far.

  • NFL Department of Fandemonium
    Did you vote for Amanda today? She's in the final 2 and headed to the Super Bowl.