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Padres rotation right now: Correia, Young, Richard and Latos. 5th spot TBD.

XX Sports Radio: Bud Black Interview Part 3 (MP3) with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • If Adrian Gonzalez hits third, you'll see a combination of Blanks, Headley and Venable to bat 4,5,6.  Hairston might have a chance to get in there too.
  • Tony Gwynn and Everth Cabrera will trade off batting lead off.  Gwynn hitting right handed pitching and Cabrera would hit left handed pitching.  David Eckstein would probably hit second.
  • Bud Black was impressed with the SDSU Aztecs Basketball team.
  • "Kouz will be missed in a lot of ways, but we strongly feel that Chase can pick up the slack"
  • Black's rotation right now would be Kevin Correia, Chris Young, Clayton Richard and Mat Latos.  The 5th spot would be filled by Stauffer, LeBlanc, Gallagher or Ramos.  Black thinks Hoyer may still get a veteran pitcher before Spring Training.
  • Black, his coaches and his staff keep tabs on the players during the winter.
  • Black thinks that pitchers should not throw over the winter because the body needs a break.  They shouldn't start a throwing program until January.
  • The complex in the Dominican Republic is fine, there was no damage from the earthquake.  Much of the Front Office staff was there last week.
  • Bud Black talked to Adrian Gonzalez about keeping his focus on the field and not getting wrapped up in trade talk.