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Bud Black: Chris Young hasn't had any setbacks and feels outstanding

XX Sports Radio: Bud Black Interview (MP3) with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • Jed Hoyer is still working the phones, trying to tie up the loose ends in the roster. Bud Black really likes the way the roster is coming together.
  • Hoyer has good dialogue with the rest of the Front Office and with Black.  "In the end it's Jed's call."
  • There were a lot of reasons to trade Kouzmanoff. We should see positive results out of Chase Headley, especially offensively. He likes what Kyle Blanks did last year, they think he will be a productive player.  Scott Hairston and Aaron Cunningham are right handed bats that compliment Tony Gwynn and Will Venable.  Hairston and Cunningham can play centerfield.  It's difficult to find centerfielders and short stops that have offense.  Headley is going to do a capable job. Blanks' bat in the line up will prove to be an asset.  Hairston gives the Padres good outfield depth.
  • Chris Young is doing great and he feels outstanding.  There are no setbacks.  He's throwing off the mound with limited intensity.  It would be great to add another veteran pitcher.  The Padres made a run at Doug Davis but it didn't work out.  They need a steady performance like they got out of Kevin Correia last year.  It's important to have a starter that makes his starts.
  • It's a tough transition from reliever to starter.  They tried to do it with Edward Mujica.  He built his arm strength up.  Black thinks all the guys in the bullpen will stay there.
  • If Jed feels comfortable with a player and gets together with Jeff Moorad they could probably get the player.  Black isn't privy to payroll discussions.