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Padres sign Matt Stairs

"That belongs in a museum!"

Jerry Crasnick just broke the news via his twitter that the Padres are signing the 41 year old Canadian Matt Stairs to a minor league deal. His agent says that he is shedding pounds this off season in hopes of fitting onto the Padres bench.

I'm having a hard time imagining him being successful and I have a pretty good imagination.

Matt Stairs is signing with the San Diego Padres. Hoping to be their LH bat off the bench.

Stairs has a minor league deal with a major league invite, but it appears he has a very good chance to make Pads roster.

"Jed Hoyer was very aggressive in trying to bring Matt into a young team to have a veteran presence,'' said Stairs' agent, Bob Garber.

Stairs' agent, Bob Garber, is negotiating an endorsement deal with Nutrisystem. Stairs lost 31 lbs. w/ the program this winter.

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Padres add Stairs as Veteran Presence

Stairs, who spends each offseason as the assistant hockey coach for Bangor High School in Maine, has dropped 31 pounds this winter playing senior hockey and dieting with the Nutrisystem program. He began the offseason at 230 pounds and currently weighs 199. That's the lightest he's been in 15 years.