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Pad Squad Amanda Interview

Pad Squad Amanda
Pad Squad Amanda

As you probably know we've all been helping Pad Squad Amanda become the NFL's Director of Fandemonium.  We've been able to move her from 7th place into 2nd place.  We just need to keep her in the top 2 until at least Sunday!

Amanda, what can we do to help?

Please tell anyone and everyone you can to vote in the next couple of days. Use every e-mail address you have!  Make sure you get the screen that says "Thank you" or your vote didn't go through.

Here is the link to vote. Post your facebook, send out an e-mail, or if you have any other ways of reaching lots of people..I beg that you do whatever you can think of to help me stay in 2nd and then you won't have to hear about this contest ever again!

I greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Define fandemonium, because I'm not sure that it's a real word.

Ok so the etymology of pandemonium is pan meaning "all" and demonium meaning "evil spirit" so it's a place where everybody there is an evil spirit. So "fandemonium" that must come from fan, short for fanatic and demonium meaning evil spirit so it's somebody fanatic for evil spirits or the director of fandemonium is one who is directing fans towards evil spirits and that is why the chargers are cursed

I think you are right on in saying it is not a real word. But your breakdown definitely makes me look at the term in a different light. Prior to hearing your analysis, my thoughts on the title of Director of Fandemonium was someone who is the ultimate football fan and likes to get out there with other football fans and just let loose and cheer on their team. Maybe this contest is really the evil spirit...I am actually beginning think so. My life has been consumed with this contest!!

What do you think is the best Major League Memory that you created for a fan?

It's a little bit of a tear jerker, but one of the main reasons I love being a member of the Pad Squad so much. Last season I chose a cute little boy for Little Star and on the way back to his seats his mom told me that the following week he was having a major surgery and would probably be in bed for the next couple of months. His mom sent me a card a couple weeks later telling me that he watched every single Padre game last season. She said he was recovering much faster than expected and wouldn't stop talking about his experience as the Little Star. Those kind of moment make my day!

Close your eyes and imagine you are in the Padres locker room. Describe the smell.

The smell is quite repulsive! But the view is amazing!!

What made you want to be a Pad Squadder?

I have always been obsessed with baseball. My dad was a huge baseball fan and we used to go to Angels games when I was growing up. I loved helping my dad keep score. When I moved down here I went to a Padres game and said "I want to do what those girls are doing" and I made it happen.

What's your favorite part about Pad Squadding?

My absolute favorite part is seeing kids faces light up when you give them a tattoo or a ball, but I also love the thrill of being down on the field and looking up in to the huge stadium and seeing all of the fans.

What are your favorite 3 foods at the ballpark?

Well it won't be a ballgame without a hot dog, so that is #1 on my list. I also have to have either soft serve or Dippin Dots in the Padres hat, and my new favorite food that I eat every single game whether I am working or just watching the game is the roasted nuts…so delicious!!

If you could make one change to Petco Park what would it be?

Free parking for all.

Describe a game in the life of a Pad Squadder. What do you do when you get there and what do you try to accomplish while you're there?

Well I work full-time so it is a long day for me when I work weekday games. I get to my normal job about 7:30 a.m. in order to get out of there and to the ballpark by 5 p.m. We have a quick little meeting, get our assignments for the day and then off we go to make Major League Memories and set-up the pre-game activities. I try to interact with as many little kids as possible. They are so excited to interact with the Pad Squadders so it is always fun to talk with them and find out why they love baseball. The cutest are the kids that are at their first major league baseball game, they are always in awe. We are busy throughout the game running from promo to rally to interacting with fans. At the end of the game we have gate assignments to say bye to all of the fans and then off we go.

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