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Padres Owner Moorad would rather not have a salary cap in baseball

XX Sports Radio: Jeff Moorad Interview (MP3) Part 4 with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • Aaron Cunningham is apparently a pretty good ball player. Moorad remembers Billy Beane being very fond of him. He adds depth to the outfield, but Moorad isn't sure if he'll be on the Major League Club this season.
  • Moorad imagines that the 25 man roster will likely be largely set before Spring Training. There will be some flexibility in the starting rotation. The bullpen comes back intact. 20 spots are set and the last 5 are up for competition.
  • Moorad thinks Chris Young will certainly start the rotation. Kevin Correia will be next. Mat Latos and Clayton Richards will be significant. The rest of the rotation will come together during Spring.
  • Probably not going to repeat the $5 for 5 this year. They are going to lower food and parking prices.
  • Afternoon games will begin at 3:30pm.
  • "I"m not so sure salary caps make sense in baseball." Moorad would rather not have a cap and would rather out smart their competition. Large market clubs make mistakes and clog up their roster.
  • "I'm a big football fan too. The Charger loss hurt me too."