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Padres Owner Moorad announces Town Hall Meeting 1/28 at 6pm

XX Sports Radio: Jeff Moorad Interview (MP3) Part 3 with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • Jed Hoyer has in the range of $5-6 million left in his budget. They'd like to add a veteran starting pitcher, a left handed bat off the bench and strengthening the catcher corp. "If none of those things happen we also feel we could to battle tomorrow if need be." Hoyer is being very careful with the decisions they're contemplating.
  • Moorad called Scott Hairston and told him that he had an offer out to his brother Jerry Hairston Jr. and told him to not be afraid to "lean on him" to get him to sign with the Padres.
  • Free agent veteran players are resetting their expectations for payment this Spring.
  • Next Thursday at 6pm at the ballpark the Padres are having a Town Hall Meeting for all fans.
  • The Padres have no plans to leave Lake Elsinore.