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Padres Owner Jeff Moorad talks team finances

XX Sports Radio: Jeff Moorad Interview (MP3) with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • In Arizona, when there was demand you had to take orders. "When the demand falls off it's very important for an organization to become proactive and positioned more appropriately in the community. Get more active and get more focused on getting the community to understand what our mission is and what our philosophy is." Some of those some dynamics are happening here in San Diego.
  • The Padres fan base is very passionate. "To be fair, I think they need to be reignited, I think they need to be rejuvenated in a way that -- It is our responsibility to do that. I think we need to develop credibility as an organization again. I think it was something that was there a few short years ago."
  • Moorad points to the good years in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
  • The Padres had 800 disabled list days during the season. It was one of the worst health records in all of baseball. "In our model, health is a key component."
  • It hasn't been hard to get investors to come on board with the Padres. They over subscribed the offer when they started the purchase of the club. "We have people even today, asking if there is any way to get involved and there really isn't at this point." Moorad is keeping their number and will contact them later if they need more investors.
  • "Baseball is a very healthy industry."
  • "As long as we maintain affordable ticket prices and an affordable experience in our stadium. I think we are going to continue to be a preferred place for fans to come watch and become part of the experience."
  • The economy and the broadcast contract are hampering the club. The broadcast contract is below market and that's not anybody's fault. They need better sponsorship. They will have challenges until then.
  • "We expect the fans to support us because they believe that we are telling them the truth. We are telling them that we are investing every last penny that we can into that club on the field."
  • The gross revenue of the club is something in the range of $150 million. Most clubs have a payroll half the amount of the gross revenue. The Padres have to pay $20 million a year in stadium bonds. Moorad wouldn't change that because we have one of the better stadiums in all of baseball. He believes that the Padres can maintain a $70-80 payroll in the future.
  • The Padres are a team with a strategy of player development and scouting.
  • The Union that went after the Florida Marlins for pocketing revenue sharing while keeping a small payroll said they will investigate the Padres as well. "It's not true as it relates to the Padres and frankly if anybody challenges it that it will be very simple to defend because the facts speak for themselves."
  • Investors will not get annual distributions because every last dollar of revenue will be invested in the product on the field.