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SOMEBODY better be winning me a championship this season

So I know this isn't the SB Nation Charger blog, and I also know that not every Padres fan is also a Charger fan, but I also figure that there are a good number of San Diego sports fans like me who are still recovering from the Chargers choke job. So you non Charger fans will have to bear with me. Go read the link dump.

I'm still irritated and pretty well annoyed and somehow I just knew the Chargers were looking past this game somehow. And if they weren't, well... they should probably just go ahead and tell people they were so as to cover for the partying the night before that probably involved hookers and blow and what not.

And on top of all that, as much as I've enjoyed Bolts from the Blue this season, I can't handle going over there right now with their little contingent of "logical" people explaining why I shouldn't be angry at Nate Kaeding for missing his field goals.

You be crazy! He's the best kicker in the NFL!  

Yeah, so that only makes me more mad.

Also, Norv getting his contract extended? Now!? UGH.

It was gonna happen anyway! Why not now?

The people who say this stuff don't have kids. When your kid goes out and drowns the puppy he got for Christmas in a bathtub filled with whiskey and bleach, you don't raise his allowance and explain that he's the best kid you've got and the economy was turning around anyway, so WTF... why not raise his allowance? Oh that last bit with the drowned puppy in the bathtub of bubbling whiskey and bleach? Oh don't worry about that. Go buy yourself more f_ckin' Bakugan balls.

Anyways. So it's not like Padres fans aren't exposed to this sort of thing. And at least the season leading up to the immensely terrible choke job was good, which is more than I can say about last Padres season.

You be talking crazy again! The Padres finished 37-25!

And yet, they also finished like a million games out of first place and I was already well irritated with them.

It wasn't a million games! We finished ahead of the Diamondbacks! We improved!

Again, WTF is your point? I told you. I wasn't watching by then.

Over on BFTB, I believe I threatened violence upon Nate Kaeding. Before somebody in Kaeding's family pulls a Jeffrey Jay Gowan on me, just f_ckin' relax. I'm not really going to poop on Nate Kaeding. I'm just angry is all.

OK, so the Padres are in full force now. Jed Hoyer's making moves. He got rid of the Crushin' Russian, the Mashin' Macedonian, Kevin "Lady Killer" Kouzmanoff. He got rid of those great baseball nicknames for somebody the readers of this blog have decided to name "Shrek", which I think is really just kind of mean.

Nicknames aside, I'm very much fine with this move. Aaron Cunningham is a future center fielder type. Scott Hairston is fun to watch. Chase Headley can have third base all to himself and the Padres outfield now has a bunch of dudes in it.

I also like that we're crowding Tony Gwynn Jr. a little bit. Keep that dude honest.

Also, the Jerry Hairston Jr. thing. That's good too. Sure. Why not.

OK. Here's my proposal, San Diego. Let's all channel this anger at the Chargers into preseason anger at the Padres. I know I'm going to. From here, till the start of the season, I am now projecting the failures of the Chargers onto the Padres in an effort to will them to greatness.

Do not try my patience, Padres players! You are not as talented as your football counterparts in San Diego, but my irrationality knows no bounds in 2010! Somebody in this f_cking city OWES ME A CHAMPIONSHIP (in a major league other than NASCAR). I have waited and waited and I don't want to wait any longer. If you wait too long, you end up like those douchebag Boston fans. I WILL NOT LET YOU TURN ME INTO THAT GUY.

My prediction for 2010: Padres, National League CHAMPS. Somebody needs to make me feel better about the Chargers season and the Padres have been elected.