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Around the Mission: MLK Day Padres Links

  • Petco played factor in Hairston’s return -
    "I think it’s my name," said Kouzmanoff referring to the "Kooooz" call that greeted every announcement of his name at Petco Park. "I think the fans just liked saying ‘Kooooz.’ "But I’m also grateful. Even when I struggled, I felt the fans cared and had my back."

  • PADRES: Kouzmanoff shocked by trade for best friend
    "It was out of the blue," Kouzmanoff said. "I didn't even know Oakland was interested. I had no clue it was coming, but my name was out there, so it's not a complete shock."

  • PADRES: Kouzmanoff traded to A's
    "I'm happy to have Scotty back, but I hate to see Kouz go," said first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who didn't know if the deal had been finalized.

  • Kouzmanoff for Hairston – Ducksnorts
    I’ve thought about this trade a lot, and the word that keeps coming to mind is "fair," which is one I didn’t tend to associate with deals made by former GM Kevin Towers.

  • insidethepadres: Trade fallout
    "It's not like the Padres had much trade leverage. They'd shopped Kouz for two years. He's a solid player, but his trade value never matched his fan appeal."

  • Who's your Padre?: Is Hairston the ideal "PETCO Park" player?...
    "But for a team looking to get better, that was looking for a right-handed outfielder, someone who could play center field, someone who is a good defender and won't have the dramatic home-road splits others do, they made what looks to me as a very good baseball deal."

  • Kouz to the A’s :: Friar Forecast
    Just based on the little knowledge I know of the prospect and of course of Scotty I think its a good trade by the Padres

  • More on the Kouz Deal :: Friar Forecast
    Kouz for Hairston alone, while not necessarily a great deal from a traditional surplus value calculation perspective would probably have been a break-even proposition for the Padres due to their surplus of third baseman.

  • Kevin Kouzmanoff traded to Athletics (take three) :: Friar Forecast
    I do not really have a problem with the deal, as I do not think either Kouzmanoff or Hairston are the type of players a rebuilding organization needs.

  • Perpetual Padres Saga: Goodbye Kouz; hello... Scott Hairston?!
    OH HELL NO. Once again, I feel sick. This trade is just as bad as when Jake Peavy got traded.

  • The Sacrifice Bunt: A San Diego Padres Blog " Blog Archive " The Sacrifice Take: Kouzmanoff trade
    No, this trade is more about Chase Headley and Tony Gwynn, Jr.