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Hairston excited to be back in San Diego Scott Hairston Interview with Craig Elsten

  • This is a great day for Hairston and his family.  He had a great time being a Padre.
  • Hairston had a tough time being traded to Oakland. He's happy to be back in San Diego.
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff and Hairston were "best buds".  Kouzmanoff called Hairston and told him he was being traded and they were excited they'd be playing together again.  Hairston didn't know he was being traded for him.
  • Kouzmanoff will be a good fit in Oakland because he's a hard worker and a good guy.
  • Hairston found out about the trade when he saw his name on MLB Trade Rumors.  Hairston then called his agent who confirmed the trade pending a physical.
  • Hairston's family was jumping up and down when he told them the news.
  • Hairston got an excited text from Venable.
  • Hairston just feels good playing in Petco Park. "How can you not like playing there?"
  • Hairston never stopped being a Chargers fan.