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Shirtless Padres Gallery

I noticed that people have been searching google and ending up on Gaslamp Ball looking for shirtless ballplayers.  Why not give the people what they want?  Here's a shirtless Padres gallery for your drooling pleasure.

If you can help me find more, I'll add them.  We'll start with Hoffman, Caminiti, Winfield, Klesko, Cameron, Whitson, Giles and Adams.

Pics after the jump, you know you want to look.

Hoffmancaminiti_medium Img_1275_medium_medium Smhpadreswednesdayx0010_medium L_e5a8f059b6eb5d8e8d3838f5202a5df0_medium Ed_whitson_fight_medium Dirty_phptokbmq_medium Trevor_hoffman-780276_medium 125_medium Adams