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Padres GM Hoyer: There have been internal discussions about Brian Giles

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview Part 3 (MP3) with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • Matt Antonelli has been protected on the forty man roster for a couple years. He had a huge year in 2007 and struggled in 2008 and 2009. Hoyer says seeing a player do it once you expect that he can do it again. He was a top prospect in baseball and he's struggled since, but they're hopeful he can get it back.
  • Tony Gwynn Jr. will hopefully take the next step and fare a bit better against left handed pitching. He works on his game really hard. He had a good year in his first season with San Diego.
  • Hoyer wants to create a team that can run and create some excitement on the bases and make the opposing team uncomfortable.
  • Cleavland and Tampa did a good job of developing young players and keeping them for a long time. It's important to show a commitment very quickly financially. You have to identify quickly which players are worth investing in.
  • Xavier Nady is a good player. "He's certainly on our radar." The Padres would need to sort out the medical issues.
  • Brian Giles had a great run in San Diego. They had some internal discussions about him, but they will keep them internal.
  • Hoyer has a different perspective on revenue sharing now that he's moved from Boston to San Diego.