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Weisbarth and Quis have a lovely dinner with Pad Squad Catherine

Steve Quis, John Weisbarth and Pad Squad Catherine
Steve Quis, John Weisbarth and Pad Squad Catherine

Channel 4 wunderkind John Weisbarth has a new blog where he's going to post one picture a day of his daily activities for an entire year.

Do you ever wish you were John Weisbarth? Me too.

I wonder sometimes if he's ever been sad or felt any emotion besides pure unadulterated joy. Look at that smile, that guy knows how to enjoy himself.

Coincidentally I went to Chipotle yesterday too, but I sure as hell didn't have a delightful meal with Steve Quis and Pad Squad Catherine (It cracks me up that he refers to her as "Pad Squad Catherine" too).

Aside from yelling at Quis for trying to eat some of her chips, I thought the conversation was lovely.

I remember one time Dex, Jonny and I saw John Weisbarth at In-N-Out. We approached him from behind a dumpster. We were on a mission to get some burgers and then go play some Disc Golf. We asked him if he wanted to come along. He was real nice. If I remember correctly he said something like "Maybe next time boys, as you can see I'm hanging out with my ridiculously hot girlfriend." Next time never came, my friends.

In any case, if Quis and Pad Squad Catherine ever want to get lunch, let me know.