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Padres GM Hoyer: Padres have offers out to 3 free agents

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview Part 1 (MP3) with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • Very confusing team last year.  Trying to build on the success at the end of the year. "Playing well for 2 months is wonderful, but I think it's time for a lot of these guys to come in with expectations."
  • Padres have offers out to three free agents.
  • "What we see right now as an everyday line up is going to be pretty much what we're going to get." The Padres are searching for veteran bench players that they will fill shortly with free agency.
  • The farm system is talented but it's not ready to contribute right now.
  • The goal is to be as young and as talented as possible.
  • Hoyer wants to see how this young team can play over a full season.
  • "Right now we don't have any active conversations with him [Adrian Gonzalez] going on, so I think it's very likely that he'll start the season with us."
  • Hoyer values players exactly how Theo Epstein does, which makes a trade with the Red Sox difficult.
  • So many people get caught up in Moneyball or scouting and it's best not to get stuck in just one camp. You have to look at all the information.
  • Chris Young is on schedule.  Bud Black says ball is coming out of Young's hand really well.  Hoyer is optimistic that Young will be ready for Spring Training and Opening Day.