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Interview: Pad Squad Loxie

Alright it's been awhile since we've done a Pad Squad Interview, so here it goes...

Gaslamp Ball: Do you ever feel that the slingshots and other field activities take away from the Pad Squad's mission of being ambassadors to the fans?

Pad Squad Loxie: No! Slingshots is a great chance for us to make a larger impact. One of the great things about our job is the face-to-face interactions, but its impossible to make an impact on every fan. Surprisingly- some fans think that slingshots is all we do. So without slingshots- some people may not know who we are. Slingshots is just a minute and thirty seconds of our work day.

It seems to me that the Pad Squad is always in such a rush to be a part of such activities that they no longer have time to just wander and interact with fans one on one. Am I wrong here?

I don't think that AT ALL! I respectfully disagree. Sometimes we do have demanding schedules and appearances to make- but it never comes at the cost of our interactions. Once the gates open- at least half of the squad is out just "wandering" until the second inning. A lot of times I will make 4 or 5 loops around the stadium then usually situate myself at the Gaslamp Gate (by Western Metal) and just be there with a welcoming smile and offering directions to seats, food, store, bars, etc.

I think interacting with fans is the best part of our job. There's a lot of face to face interactions that happen outside of the "park" as well. I have had some amazing opportunities around the county- like Chris Young's Foundation Event last year where we got to take 100+ kids in need on a back to school shopping trip to Target, or bringing our fun and energy to the Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp spirit day where we got to get to know some amazing children who really touched my life- so much so I even did the MDA Walk last spring and raised money on my own for the organization. Those are the interactions that really matter. The opportunities I have had truly make it worth it, and I know without a doubt I would do this job even if it wasn't a paid position.

What visiting team's fans do you like the best?

I don't have a favorite. In all honesty- we really appreciate our visiting team fans. In these struggling times- the melting pot that is San Diego has really contributed to keeping our attendance up. I also like having a representation of fans in the stands. No matter what- we all love baseball and as long as they are kind and respectful (and vice versa) - there shouldn't be any problems.

Do you believe in marriage between Pad Squadders and a bloggers?

Stranger things have happened in this world.... Why?

We're asking the questions here. How do you deal with fans hitting on you? Does it happen often?

Um depends... On a Friday night- happens more than a Monday. I get a lot of "Hey- how are you?!" many times...But a lot of guys think that because I smile at them- that I'm flirting, but a smile is part of our Pad Squad uniform. I have never had anyone be too aggressive. I know how to handle myself. But I usually get asked for my number at least twice a home stand. At the stadium when guys hit on me and ask for my number- i say 41 then turn around to walk away. And then they see the back of my jersey and laugh- and it gets me out of the awkward situation. I never give my number. I've even told some guys that Loxie was my fake Pad Squad name....

What's your second favorite baseball team?

The Storm, The Beavers (keep it in the family!) .Oh and La Jolla High Varsity, too! GO VIKINGS!

Did you know killer whales aren't fish, but actually belong in the same family as the platypus? except they aren't technically lizards either