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Padres lose to the Giants, 9-4

Clayton Richard was probably due for a really bad inning and he got it. At least he got it early enough for Padres fans to go out and enjoy the fair weather as opposed to sticking around, watching the Padres flail helplessly like a fish.

Brad Penny dominated us pretty good.

In other news, I've come full circle when it comes to home run celebrations. I want more people to really celebrate their home runs like the Brewers yesterday. Let the guys do stuff like that. Who cares if it fires up the other team? I'm not on either team. I'm just watching the games, hoping to see something fun. Like a really showy home run celebration.

For those of you who think I'm crazy, how is watching your home run quietly that much worse than a pitcher striking out a batter and then literarlly roaring at the guy while walking back to the dugout? If anything, Mr. Lion is much much more obnoxious. 

I'm just sayin'.