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Around the Mission: 9/4 Padres Links

  • What's in a name? Gwynn creating own | News
    "I probably shouldn't be telling you this," Gwynn said, smiling. "My nickname as a kid was 'Pooh-Pooh.' It was a nickname right up until an age where it wasn't going to fly anymore."

  • PADRES: Ready giving languishing offense a lift 
    "It changes the whole complexion of the game, and it's winning baseball," Ready said. "It's no secret. You just try to bear down in the situations and come through, and if you don't come through, then hopefully the next guy picks 'em up, too."

  • Ready or not, LeBlanc back in the bigs
    "It's how the schedule falls," LeBlanc said. "You know what? It's a major league game. I'd rather face the Dodgers every day than face somebody different every day in Portland."

  • 3 Questions For: 619 Sports!
    Today, Chris and Craig answer three of those questions: Keep Kouz & Headley for 2010? Eckstein getting hot? And how about a little fantasy football/Brandon Marshall talk?