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GM Towers: "I think he'd [Kyle Blanks] be pretty good behind the plate too."

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Kevin Towers is a huge University of Oregon fan.  He couldn't go to the game because he was in a meeting with Moorad and Garfinkel.
  • Towers thinks that you can add 3/4's of a run onto a pitcher's ERA when they go from the NL to the AL. 
  • Towers would like for the AL to do away with the Designated Hitter.
  • He would rather put money into pitching than to sink it into a DH.
  • Towers likes the Padres game time changes.  He needs to find another pitcher with a split finger like to Sterling Hitchcock to pitch in the shadows.
  • Edward Mujica, Josh Banks or Cesar Ramos will take Mat Latos' spot in the rotation.  They'll use September to look at pitchers.
  • We will see Sean Gallagher in the bullpen before the end of the season.  He could be a back end starter in 2010.
  • The Padres are going to be cautious over the next 4 weeks with Kyle Blanks foot injury.  He'll be in the middle of the line up next year.  He'll be out of the cast in the next 10 days.  He doesn't think it's serious enough to be a career ending injury.
  • Towers thinks Blanks would make a good catcher.  He'd be a nice big target to throw to and no runners would take him out like they did Wiki Gonzalez.