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Padres to put Coleman out to Pasture

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So Jerry Coleman just signed a deal for 2010. However, the Padres are going to limit his broadcasting duties and possibly turn him into an ambassador. Ugh, just what the Padres need another ambassador. Isn't that what the Pad Squad and Winfield are for?

In other words the Padres want to keep Coleman around to avoid a Public Relations fiasco but they don't want him broadcasting games.

I hate this idea. The only way I'd be okay with this decision is if it is Jerry's decision, which I get the feeling it isn't. The Padres haven't had a very good track record recently dealing with beloved San Diego icons.

They already took play by play away from him this season and it sounds like they've made it more difficult for him.

"...Actually, the only thing that is difficult now is I don't feel as much in the game when I'm not doing play-by-play."

What are their problems with him? They think his broadcasting skills have suffered and his stories are too antiquated. Oh I didn't realize stories from a Hall of Fame broadcaster, a World Series MVP and a War Hero were too boring for you.

I've never had any trouble following a game that Coleman has broadcasted and the combo of Leitner and Coleman is the primary reason I tune into the radio broadcasts.

The Padres also privately expressed concerns that the rigors of the road may take Jerry before his time. Conversely, the mental stimulation and physical exercise is probably a leading factor in keeping Jerry youthful. If they take his responsibilities from him they may succeed where the Japanese and North Koreans failed.

"I think what will happen is someday I'll walk down the street and drop dead. But I feel good."

I want to listen to Jerry broadcast as long as he's willing and I don't want the Padres taking him away from us until he's ready.