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Open Thread, 9/29: Padres vs Dodgers

And so we begin the final series against the Dodgers in 2009, The Season That Kinda Was. Seasons like 2009 are seasons where I am firmly convinced that the baseball season should be shortened by a solid 15-30 games. It just takes too long. One should never get tired of something they love to watch, but that's what happens when your team is out of it before the midway point. Seasons should quit while they are ahead.

Get rid of interleague if you have to. Switch back to a two division format. Expand by 2 teams and switch to a 4 division format. Do something. Just make it so that when the season is winding down, there's absolutely no chance of a fan to have become tired of the current season already.

JBox and Jon will be at the game (tweety bird and silent parrot). I (mother hen) will be monitoring from home base (the nest).