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Open Thread, 9/25: Padres vs Diamondbacks

If history is any indicator, I'm imagining a terrible, heartwrenching loss tonight.

Here's a conversation topic as we round out the season: If the Padres could say with 65% confidence that they could accomplish a winning season next season by getting rid of everybody on the current team, would you have them do it?

That's a nerdy question that also tugs a little at the heart strings.


San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks

09/25/09 6:40 PM PDT

San Diego Padres Arizona Diamondbacks
Tony Gwynn - CF Chris Young - CF
David Eckstein - 2B Stephen Drew - SS
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Justin Upton - RF
Chase Headley - 3B Miguel Montero - C
Will Venable - RF Mark Reynolds - 3B
Oscar Salazar - LF Gerardo Parra - LF
Nick Hundley - C Ryan Roberts - 2B
Everth Cabrera - SS Brandon Allen - 1B
Kevin Correia - P Max Scherzer - P