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Padres GM Towers comments on Heath Bell's fitness level, Wade LeBlanc's cutter and Colorado's home grown talent

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Edgar Gonzalez had a similar injury with his shoulder popping out and back in during college.  He said it took him a few days to feel better.
  • In the final 10 games, the Padres are trying to keep momentum going into the off season.  The Padres have only lost 3 series in the last 2 months.  They want to perform well against the division leaders.  Towers wants to continue to evaluate the young guys.  The players never give up and are playing hard.  Towers thought Nick Hundley's drive was going to drop last night,  "We very easily we could have one that ball game."
  • Colorado is pretty good. It's great that the players are all home grown.  When they played in Petco, every single guy came through their system.  Offensively they are one of the better teams in the NL, Philadelphia and St. Louis are also good.  "Offensively they are very, very good."
  • Everth Cabrera still does things to help the Padres win games.  Cabrera talked to Towers about wanting to play winter ball.  Towers thinks he needs a break.
  • Wade LeBlanc has developed a cutter, which works against right handed hitters.  He needs fastball command to be successful.  He has a Trevor Hoffman like change up, but the only way it will work is if he develops his fastball.  Towers saw great things from him in college.  His velocity has dropped though.  After a bad few outings, sometimes you want to give up on them but they battle back and you have to be patient.
  • Towers says Heath Bell will keep getting the opportunity to make saves.  "He certainly hasn't had the success in September that he's had in the last 5 months."  Towers thinks the work load has robbed him of some of his velocity.
  • Darren Smith wonders if Heath Bell's physical size and fitness level has caused him problems.  Towers says Bell does a lot of Wii conditioning in the off season and  that "his big strong lower half" makes him successful. He doesn't do a lot of running, but he rides the exercise bike and elliptical.  The Padres don't have a Wii in the club house.
  • Jeff Moorad and Tom Garfinkel is going to continue to evaluate the front office and baseball operations.'
  • "The way we've played in the last 6 weeks, I'm kind of enjoying watching these guys play.  Hopefully we finish strong."