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Around the Mission: 9/22 Padres Links

  • Fired-up Padres defeat the Bucs -
    "Only giving up the one run was pretty good," said manager Bud Black. "Heath didn't cave in. That was as big a part of the game as anything, saving those runs. Bases loaded. No outs. On the road. One run. That's pretty good."

  • PADRES: Headley, Padres hammer Pirates
    "This would have been a tough one to lose," said Headley, who went 5 for 6 with two runs and two RBIs. "I give a lot of credit to the guys on the bench. Everybody came back into the dugout (after the Pirates tied it in the ninth) and kept a good attitude and kept fighting."

  • Journeyman Correia now staff's role model -
    "It's new to me, being the one with all the experience. I was always with older teams in San Francisco Now I'm the one with more time under my belt. It's been fun to pass things on."

  • Headley's fifth hit delivers Padres' win | News
    It might have been even better for the third baseman if one of those doubles could have been stretched into three for a cycle, but it just wasn't meant to be. "It's pretty hard not to have an idea that it's there," Headley said. "To be honest with you, it'd have to be something where somebody fell down and pulled a hamstring or something for me to get a triple in this ballpark. It's something neat to think about, but it's not something you can try to get."

  • Padres relish games against contenders | News
    "At the same time, we have our own things going on in this clubhouse. We're trying to have a strong finish for our season for ourselves, to make a push and continue to build something for next year. The idea of being a spoiler, if that ends up happening, is great, but for me anyway, it's not a driving force in my motivation."

  • Poreda works on command since callup | News
    Aaron Poreda, who was the key acquisition in the Jake Peavy trade, has been working hard in side and bullpen sessions to build a foundation for next year.

  • Unfinished Business: Pitching Wins It All
    Let me tell you, he looks pretty hot in black, but his colors will always be Padre blue... Miss you Jake!!