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Padres take the win in Pittsburgh with a 4-0 shutout

Padres beat the Pirates earlier today with Correia pitching a shutout.  I saw about half the game and I can tell you that it was a story of ground rule doubles and speed.  PNC Park chops up super balls and uses them as warning track dirt.  Everth Cabrera and Luis Durango are fast like The Flash.  When you combine those two things you get yourself a win. 

I originally mistakenly said that the Padres had won the series. As Gaslamp Baller jodes0405 tells us, it's a four game series!  It threw me off because while listening to the pregame show Ted Leitner was talking about the Padres needing to win this game to take the series, which is true but I misunderstood.  Leitner went on to talk about how Kouzmanoff should win the Gold Glove, which I also didn't understand.

Apparently Kevin Kouzmanoff might be ready to play on Monday which will make his little fan club happy.