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In the year 2010 the Padres are changing game times

When I first read this I thought, "this doesn't affect me! Let my grandchildren worry about those game time changes while flying around in their cars or with their jet packs!", it is after all in the year 2010. Then I realized it was next year and the future is upon us and that I don't have a jet pack or a flying car.

In a shift from what the team previously offered, the Padres will begin Saturday night games at 5:35 p.m. PT and their weekday day games at 3:35 p.m.

Anyway I think I'm in favor of these changes for the following reasons:

  1. Now you can just get out of work a little early to catch a Padres game instead of taking a half or full day.
  2. Watching a weekday game is better than sitting in rush hour, but if you are sitting in traffic you can listen to the game.
  3. The Saturday games will be easier to attend If you have kids because no kid is going to be good after 9pm.
  4. Fans that live in different time zones will find it easier to watch without staying up until 1am.
  5. Padres Party Girls can go to games and still have time to go to the Gaslamp after the game and binge drink.
  6. Leaving a game at 10pm on Saturday night then getting to the ballpark at noon on Sunday made it feel like you never left, which made you feel kind of gross. Now attending both games seems a bit more doable.

What are some of the negatives from a change like this?

  1. The shadows on the field. When it’s dark over home plate and bright over the mound, people hit even less.
  2. The sun is in your eyes until it goes down right about 7 o clock. So now instead of going down at game time, it’s going to be in your eyes during the game. So that kind of sucks.