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2010 San Diego Padres Schedule Breakdown

I finally had a chance to look over the 2010 schedule. Let's see what we uncover:


We start out with a 6 game road trip in Arizona and Colorado. MLB must be making a bid to make Opening Day a National Holiday because it's on a Monday and there's a start time of 2:10 PM Pacific. Why would they do that unless they assumed we'd be able to get the day off to watch the game? They must have thought that through.

We then come home for a nice 9 game series. No travel day after Colorado, but the Padres can get their rest during one of those annoying days off in the middle of a series. Just so we know it's not just us, I just looked at theBraves schedule and, while they start at home, they get the day off in the middle of their opening series before immediately travelling to San Francisco and then down to San Diego (back to back day games) and then they get another middle of the series break. 


The notable thing here is the 13 game stretch where we'll be in SF (after a 3 game series in Houston and a travel day), home against Dodgers for 3, home against SF for 2, away for the Dodgers for 2, and then at Seattle for 3. Maybe not the worst stretch we've ever had travelwise, but still.


Not a lot to note except that we go from Philly to New York (Mets) on subsequent dates for night games. There's a nice homestand in June against Seattle, Toronto and Baltimore. We then move on to Tampa after that. I'm hoping that's a good homestand for Padrs fan representation, pulling our hated North East rivals, the Canadian team and Baltimore, who nobody roots for.

One other interesting thing to note is that while the NL West draws the AL East for interleague play, we don't face the Yankees or Red Sox. Tampa I'm guessing will be more like 2009 Rays as opposed to 2008, Baltimore is Baltimore and Toronto is a wild card. Still, if we're competitive next season, and if the Yankees and Red Sox are reloaded and dangerous, that may turn out to be a nice little break for our guys.


We get Fourth of July at home against Houston. 1:05PM start time for the fourth so go watch your fireworks somewhere else (or the night before most likely). 

A roadtrip in Washington and Colorado finishes our All-Star Break.


August is our month on the road. Ten games at home and nineteen on the road (19! The Tower ya ken) By then, we'll either be so sick of the team that we'll be glad to see them go, or we'll be anxiously hovering by our televisions and radios, hoping our boys come home safe.


Start off with a 10 game homestand against the Giants, Rockies and Dodgers. This is where we get well or play spoiler. And then a 10 game road trip at Colorado, St. Louis (for 4!) and Los Angeles.

We end September with 4 at home against the Cubs. Much nicer to play the Cubs at home towards the end of the season when most of the vacationers are back to school. Any Cubs fans that show up during that series will be transplants who we can freely heckle  with things like, "If your city's so great, why do you want to be so far away from it?"


The season ends with 3 in San Francisco.


Overall, there appear to only be a few annoying spots in the schedule and a quick check of a few other schedules makes me believe that the Padres aren't worse off than others. In some ways (the AL East scheduling), we may actually pull an advantage. I wish we could start the season off at home, but at least there aren't any "home for 3" bits to it.

So when do you want to plan some Gaslamp Ball Meetups?